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OCP-TAP Timecard

At the edge of Time & Sync

OCP-TAP TimeCard Poster

Supercharge Time Sync with TimeCard: Turn any x86_64 machine into a Grandmaster system. Compatible with multiple protocols, TimeCard delivers unmatched accuracy and stability. Upgrade now for precision synchronization.

Timebeat OCP-TAP TimeCard Rubidium

Unleash the Power of PCIe: From Home PCs to Cutting-Edge Servers, the Versatility Knows No Bounds. Embrace the Beauty of Seamless Setup for Unmatched Performance.

Customisable Oscillators

Choose the best option to suit your budget and requirements.

Quartz Oscillator


Precision, reliability, and trust. Unmatched accuracy for diverse applications.

Rubidium Oscillator


Precision redefined. Ultra-accurate, low phase noise, fast warm-up.

Caesium Oscillator


Redefining Efficiency. Minimal power consumption. Elevate timing performance 

Meta and the Metaverse

Meta pushes the Timecard to its peak with cutting edge deployments. "Implementing Precision Time Protocol (PTP) at Meta allows us to synchronize the systems that drive our products and services down to nanosecond precision."

"As we scale to more advanced systems on our way to building the next computing platform, the metaverse and AI, we need to ensure that our servers are keeping time as accurately and precisely as possible."

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