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Open Time Server

The Open Time Server (OTS) is a project within OCP-TAP to democratise timing solutions and the G0kK-1 Series is the most powerful deployment to date

The G0kK-0ff Open Time Server
G0kK-1 Mini GMC
G0kK-1u PTP grand master
OCP-TAP TimeCard Rubidium and TimeCard mini

Open, scalable and validated reference architecture

Traditional grand master clocks have limitations:

  • Hardware appliances, not ideal for data centers (DCs)

  • Non-standard interfaces and software

  • Lengthy, expensive development cycles

  • Lacking open-source software

  • Inaccurate for DC requirements

Introducing the future of Open Time Servers:

  • Scalable design for seamless time distribution

  • External source, like GNSS signal

  • Aligned with DC accuracy and stability

  • Embracing open-source software

Join us in revolutionising time synchronisation for DCs and beyond!

Rich in features

Customisable holdover and network speeds

Off the shelf or bespoke

With plenty of options to suit any environment, find the right solution for you

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