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Introducing the pioneering automated, segregated, and secure multi-tenancy time distribution system of its kind. It sets a new standard in precision and reliability.

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The power of vGMC

  • Distribution templates: Simplify the setup with customizable commands for different timing requirements.

  • Smart vLAN and VRF provisioning: Securely separate PTP feeds, preventing data bleed.

  • Flexible deployment: vGMC operates on Linux servers or Open Time Servers, ensuring optimal performance.

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PTP with a difference

  • Automated PTP deployment: single command setup using templates or custom configurations.

  • Management dashboards: Visualize and demonstrate SLAs

  • Multi-tenancy capability: Cost savings and operational efficiency.

  • Single pane of glass: Monitoring and reports in one place.

  • Streamlined processes: Simplify configuration on-demand.

Who should deploy vGMC?


TaaS Providers

  • Automated one-click deployment configuration.

  • Fully segregated PTP distribution feeds to eliminate networking issues.

  • Customizable PTP templates for standardized or individual client/feed provisioning.

  • UTC verification: Monitor and evaluate multiple source inputs and end points for accurate UTC verification.

two towers

Large Enterprises

  • Simplified configuration options for separating timing networks and capabilities within the business.

  • Dashboard monitoring to track usage and configuration, ideal for large infrastructures.

  • Support for multiple inputs including PTP, NTP, GNSS, NMEA, and PHC_Device, seamlessly integrating into your existing technology stack.

  • Capable of operating as a PTP+Squared root node delivery system, enabling further customization of distribution trees.


Test/Dev Labs

  • Simple, quick, and reliable for rapid development or testing environments

  • Runtime configuration changes for efficient testing without disruptions.

  • Multiple parallel feeds for large-scale testing or multiple source/network route tests.

  • Operates on standard Linux servers, eliminating the need for costly or hard-to-obtain hardware to get started.

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