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Introducing the pioneering automated, segregated, and secure multi-tenancy time distribution system of its kind. It sets a new standard in precision and reliability.

Why vGMC?

Distribution templates: Simplify setup with customizable commands for different timing requirements.

Smart vLAN and VRF provisioning: Securely separate PTP feeds, preventing data bleed.

Flexible deployment: vGMC operates on Linux servers or G0kK-1 devices, ensuring optimal performance.

Automate secure PTP distribution

Automated PTP deployment: 1-command setup using templates or custom configurations.

Management dashboards: Visualize and demonstrate SLAs

PTP+Squared: 24/7 verifiable UTC.

Multi-tenancy capability: Cost savings and operational efficiency.

Single pane of glass: Monitoring and reports in one place.

Streamlined processes: Simplify configuration on-demand.

Who should deploy vGMC?


TaaS Providers

Automated one-click deployment configuration.

Fully segregated PTP distribution feeds to eliminate networking issues.

Customizable PTP templates for standardized or individual client/feed provisioning.

UTC verification: Monitor and evaluate multiple source inputs and end points for accurate UTC verification.

two towers

Large Enterprises

Simplified configuration options for separating timing networks and capabilities within the business.

Dashboard monitoring to track usage and configuration, ideal for large infrastructures.

Support for multiple inputs including PTP, NTP, GNSS, NMEA, and PHC_Device, seamlessly integrating into your existing technology stack.

Capable of operating as a PTP+Squared root node delivery system, enabling further customization of distribution trees.


Test/Dev Labs

Simple, quick, and reliable for rapid development or testing environments

Runtime configuration changes for efficient testing without disruptions.

Multiple parallel feeds for large-scale testing or multiple source/network route tests.

Operates on standard Linux servers, eliminating the need for costly or hard-to-obtain hardware to get started.

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