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Timing solutions for the modern world

Why choose ordinary when innovation is already here? 

Break with tradition, move forward, achieve greatness

An end-to-end timing & sync ecosystem provider

Aquisition, synchronisation, distribution or design we have you covered

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Trusted for critical infrastructure, widely deployed across Space, Defence, Finance & Telecoms sectors


We offer a Range of Services to Meet All Type of Industries

The financial trading sector necessitates precise, dependable, and well-documented synchronization of clocks to ensure efficient business operations, gain a competitive edge, and adhere to regulatory standards. In the absence of reliable clock synchronization, trading records may only be distinguished by timestamps that deviate by several seconds or more.

Grand Master Clocks

Network Infrastructure
Compute Modules

Testing Equipment
Synchronisation Software


The Open Time Project seeks to bring together industry members and user groups, to form a collaborative and innovative open source community dedicated to opening up timing technology across the complete workflow



Year Established:

Open Time Project


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We Believe Every Partner Is a Valuable Long-Term Ally

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Save time, rapidly deployable synchronisation across Window & Linux at scale

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No two projects are the same, our in-house experts have you covered. We specialise in sync so you don't have to

Timebeat Cloud Service


Monitor, report and synchronise across AWS, Google, Microsoft Azure and more

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Our board have previously been leaders at leading innovators:

Accurate time synchronisationLeveraging our network of ground stations, correction values are sent directly to the end-user's device to improve performance over standard GNSS reception.

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